Easton Ryan: 15-18 Months- Things are starting to “click!”

Things have been so busy and hectic for some time now, but I won’t bore you with those details since this post is about YOU.  Since I am getting to this post TWO months late, I will mostly stick to the information that I kept track of in my phone.  Each month that you grow older, and each new stage you enter you seem to begin to become easier and easier.  You are beginning to realize and understand so much more and I love getting to see you hit each of these milestones.  We love you, little monster.  Don’t know what we’d do without you.

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Some of your firsts, and snapshots of your emerging personality:

15 1/2 months- walks backwards

15 1/2 months- you like to help put your clothes on . (Putting arms and legs through when I hold it out for you)

16 months- for as long as I can remember when you nurse you always have to have your paci in your top hand. The second you start nursing you start searching for it and aren’t happy until you can find it. Then you’ll play with it in your hand until you’re done nursing.

16 months- says “up!” When you want me to pick you up.

16 months- can open and close doors and like to do it all the time.

16 months- love to turn light switches on and off

16 months- Kinsley walked into the kitchen after she got up from nap and you made a bee line straight to her and wrapped your arms around her. You have become so affectionate! Then you two promptly headed for your room and Kinsley informed me that y’all were going to play in there. This usually means that you two drag as many books and blankets to the corner behind the rocking chair and hide back there together. Absolutely melts my heart to see you two like this!

IMG_6299 IMG_6298

16.5 months- you are really beginning to love books. For the longest time you really had no interest.  Now you love to sit and look at them and like it when I tell you what the pictures are of. You are really good at pointing to things that I ask you too also. Like, where’s the dog? Where’s the apple? Etc.

17 months- when we sing “ring around the Rosie’s, pocket full of posies” you’ll say “ashes ashes” and then will say “dowww” too and squat down. It’s so stinking cute.

17 months- you are starting to understand so much more. When we are doing our little bedtime routine I can tell you to go get me a book to read and you’ll waddle over to your bookshelf to grab one. Then you’ll carry it over to the rocking chair to me. Also, if I tell you it’s time to nurse you walk over to the rocking chair and wait for me. It’s so cute.

17 1/2 months- says “chicken.” It sounds really good too and it’s so stinking cute!

17 1/2 months- says “baaaad”

17 1/2 months- “all doneeeee”

17 1/2 months- says “diaper!” (Kind of sounds like it.)

17 1/2 months- will clap to say “yes” for something.


You have been so loving lately.  You love to hug and kiss, even dolls!

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San Antonio Trip (16 1/2 months):

I was so excited to get to tag along with dada to his conference in San Antonio and had a blast, but it was a rough weaning you (well, you kind of weaned. You ended up picking back up nursing when I got back for a bit longer) and then leaving you for the first time.  I’m excited for you to grow up and become more independent from me, but on the other hand it is so hard for me.  I know you’re my last baby and because of that a lot of these “lasts” are extra difficult for me.  It is also really hard for me to leave you guys and that will never change.  The only time I had been away from Kinsley before was when you were born, and now this is the first time I’ve been away from you both.  It was hard for me to take my mind off of you two when I’m away.  I suppose that goes along with motherhood.  About 30min down the road we were grabbing food I looked at your dada and proudly said “See, I’m through crying now.” Then promptly lost it again.  Haha. Dada laughed at my ridiculousness. Nina took good care of you two while I was gone, just like I knew she would.  It was really good for me and your dada to get to spend some one on one time together.  It had been a long time and having little kids can be stressful at times.  It was good for us to have a reminder of what it’s like to just be a couple.  Once you are a parent it seems like that is your whole identity.  It can be easy to put your spouse on the back burner when you’re busy tending to the constant needs little ones and a home.  


4th meeting:  Heading to Missouri for this meeting made me a little nervous.  Back in Dec/Jan we went to Dothan for the New Years Meeting and you spent the bulk of every service crying and with me in the back rocking you.  It wasn’t too bad of a trip, but listening to a baby cry a lot isn’t exactly my idea of a “good time” and getting you to sleep in the hotel was not easy at all.  Thankfully the 4th wasn’t like that.  You wanted to be held most of the time, but you were pretty good each service and in general.  Your daddy and I decided that when we had children that we weren’t going to change our lives and let everything revolve around you two.  For the most part we have stuck to that.  You guys have fit into our lives and our schedule, and having little children isn’t too bad when you keep yourself focused on the big picture.  I’m looking forward to future meetings.  I know it will keep getting easier as you guys get older.  I also know you will grow to love them as much as your sister already does.

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Sleep, sleep, baby:  You have always been my good sleeper.  I can’t remember exactly when you went down to one nap a day, but you kept two for quite a bit longer than your sister did.  You like your sleep and you like for me to just lay you down and let you go to sleep on your own.  For the longest time you wouldn’t let me rock you at all.  You just wanted to be put in your crib and left alone.  Now you are starting to like being rocked too, so it’s nice that I’m able to get my cuddle fix when I need it.  When you went down to one nap a day that nap is usually 1.5- 2 hrs long.  You also go to bed earlier than your sister, usually by about 8pm, and then will wake up at 7-7:30am.  I can’t complain.  You have always been so much easier than Kinsley to read when it comes to sleeping.  I think part of that is because Kinsley has never really needed much sleep.  I just couldn’t understand how a child could be as fast paced as she was and not need sleep.  Now I realize and understand she just doesn’t need as much as you.


Nursing/Weaning:  Had I not gone to San Antonio with Dada, I probably would have continued to nurse you longer.  I stopped nursing you the day I left for San Antonio, which was when you were about 16 1/2 months.  I figured that would be the last time I would ever get to.  I thought that since I had only been nursing you once or twice a day that my milk would just finish drying up and go away while I was gone.  It didn’t though.  I was gone 3 days and nursed you when I got back because I was loaded.  I didn’t have near as much as I did when I left, but I still had a decent supply left.  You ended up continuing to nurse until you were 17 months and then I weaned you for good.  With you and Kinsley both it was harder on me than you.  You guys were both pretty okay with being done (you a little less than her) and I was the one that was sad.  It’s a unique bonding experience that only a mother gets with her child.  It’s something that you’ll never remember, but I always will and it was extra hard weaning you knowing that you’re my last baby.  Having loved that bonding experience, it was hard knowing I’d never get to have it again.


Father’s Day:

  IMG_6398 1463155_10100721625084781_885839624_n_1bwwr2 IMG_6440


We got chickens!!

IMG_6712 IMG_6711


Wrapping it up:  It has truly been a life changing year and a half.  We have had our ups and downs, but I think that is the way it tends to be with little ones.  We hope and pray we are raising you both right.  We want nothing more than to see your sweet faces in Heaven someday.  We love you so much!