Easton 9-12 Months: Very curious and starting to come out of your shell!

It’s crazy to think that it’s already been a year since your entrance into our lives! It’s been a pretty crazy year.  We’ve had times that it’s been stressful, exhausting, and overwhelming (renovating a house with two small kids is no small task), however as I sit here typing this I can honestly tell you this has been the best, most life changing year yet.  Getting to add your precious face to our family and move into our “forever” home and area we LOVE is more than I could have ever asked for.  When I look at our family, and what all we have to look forward to watching you and your big sis grow (if the Lord wills), I am beyond grateful.  My 17 year old high school graduate self would have never been able to imagine getting to be anywhere better in this life than where I am now.  Alright, enough about us, lets talk about YOU!



Your Personality: 

I’m not going to go into too much detail on this one since I just did a whole post on this not too long ago.  We’ll just say that from about 6-11 months you had a really rough time.  You were extremely needy and wanted me to carry you everywhere.  I really think this is the reason you were later to crawl.  You had no interest in it, you just needed to be held.  During this phase you didn’t show a whole lot of personality because mostly you just seemed upset and cranky the majority of the time.  However, like a light switch being flipped on, things changed dramatically at almost exactly at 11 months.  You became curious and happy again.  You wanted to explore and play.  It was amazing.  You still needed me a lot, but it was nothing like before.  I think the saddest thing about the funk you went through is that I didn’t get to truly enjoy you during that time.  I just spent that time trying to do whatever I could to help you and keep you from crying, but the truly enjoyable moments where we got to play have fun were few because you just weren’t happy.  I feel like I missed out on a lot during those months, but there’s really nothing I can do about that.  I’m just so glad that from 11 months on your personality really began to explode and I have gotten to start enjoying watching you grow and learn.  I love this stage when you guys really begin to learn about the world around you and your personality really begins to come out.  You’re so goofy and giggly now.  I love it.  Seeing your face light up and your big grin makes me all sorts of happy on the inside.

IMG_4131_1       IMG_4124_1        1535740_10100752954360661_1317639107_n


All about YOU:

9 1/2 months- started getting gutsy and just letting go when you’re standing up holding on to something. You’re definitely not capable of standing on your own quite yet and fall right down on your booty.

9 1/2 months- stood on own for a few seconds.

9 1/2 months- will slowly walk along furniture while handing on.

10 months- can stand alone for short amounts of time!

10 months- have really been jabbering up a storm! (Dadada, mamama, bababa)

10 months- stands up in crib a lot and gets stuck. Can’t figure out how to get down!

10 months- walks around edge of crib hanging on.

10 months- major mama’s boy!! Don’t like me to put you down. Would be the happiest little guy in the whole world if I’d carry you around all day.

10 months- cut first molar. Bottom right side.

10.5 months-  got your first swat for pitching a huge fit.

10.5 months- fit pitching in full swing. I sit you down when you don’t want to be? You throw your self over on the floor screaming. I walk you around with my fingers and try to pick you up? You arch your back and scream. Etc.

10.5 months- you’re super super ticklish!

10.5 months- your personality has taken another shift. You love to be tickled and rough housed with and will laugh your head off sometimes

10.5 months- nurse on average 5-6 times during the day, and now only about once a night!

10 3/4 months- can get down now! If you’re standing up to something and want down you just kind turn to the side and belly flop down. It’s not very graceful, but you seem much happier with the realization of that freedom!

10 3/4 months- cut second molar. Top right side

11 months- you slept all the way through the night without nursing for the first time ever last night!!!

11 months- you’re giving kisses finally! …and they are big open mouthed slobbery ones and they taste delicious!!

11 months- thought you were through with morning naps because you hadn’t taken one in a few days, but then you started taking them again! Yay!

11 months- cut all 4 first molars in a month!

11 months- you make me laugh now! Now that you spend time crawling around and playing, your personality has also taken a big shift. You make funny faces, do goofy things, and just interact so much more now. It just seemed like before you were so miserable that you had no interest in doing anything other than fussing and being grumpy. I really can’t express how thankful I am and how relieved I am that you have come out of your funk you were in for so long! I love that I get to play with you and enjoy you now!!

11 1/2 months- crawling to sitting up.

11 1/2 months- cut top two cuspids

11 1/2 months- will sit and turn the pages on a book and look through it.

11 3/4 months- cut bottom two cuspids

11 3/4 months- keep crawling up onto the hearth and into the fire place when I’m not looking. Gotta get covers!

11 3/4 months- first steps!

12 months- still going strong with nursing. I’m gonna miss those cold little baby hands wrapping around me as you eat after you wean. Hopefully we have several months left.

12 months- you have SIXTEEN teeth total. You have all your teeth except for your 2nd molars. Crazy. Id like to give you that as the excuse as to why you were so fussy for so many months, but I just don’t know.

12 months- claps

12 months- will pull things over his face to play “peek-a-boo”

12 months- took your first steps of your own free will! Not like I let go of you and you had to walk. You were standing at the coffee table, turned around, let go, and walked to me!

IMG_3948_1w     IMG_4201_1_1w     IMG_4347_1e12month


Nursing and Food:  

From 9-10 months you nursed on average two (sometimes three) times a night.  At 11 months you slept ALL the way through the night for the first time without nursing!  During your 11th month we got your night feedings down to once a night. WOOHOO!  I know that I could have let you cry it out and got your feedings down sooner, but to be honest, I don’t mind getting up to nurse you.  Getting to have your arms wrap around my waist while you nurse are precious moments that are already almost over.  It goes so fast and I don’t feel the  need to rush it any more than I have to.  These nights that I get to cuddle with you and look at your sweet face will be memories I’ll get to have forever.

At 10 months I finally introduced a sippy cup to you.  You seem to like having the freedom to grab it whenever you want.  When you first started solid foods you would eat almost anything. You loved fruits and would also eat most veggies.  At about 10 months you stopped eating most fruits except for strawberries, and now you won’t even eat them.  You still eat vegetables pretty well, but I can’t get you to eat any fruit.  Your favorite foods right now are black beans, cheese, yo-baby yogurt, chicken, green beans, Annie’s pasta, and since I can’t get you to eat fruit I buy those organic fruit puree pouches and you like them.  At 6 months you weighed 17lbs and at a year you only weighed 18lbs 15oz.  You have gotten SO scrawny.  I don’t know if it was when you started to crawl at 9 months that you really slimmed up, or if it was after you started solids at 7 months, but you got really skinny before your 12 month appointment.  Your pediatrician didn’t seemed concerned by it at all, so I guess I shouldn’t be either.  You have always been on the longer end though.  A long, lean little guy.


You and Kinsley: 

Ever since you started crawling around and wanting to play more, you and Kinsley have really began to play together.  You guys will follow each other around the house, and she’s always trying to coax you into going where she wants you to.  You guys love to play in her room, and will entertain yourselves in there for short amounts of time.  It’s awesome!  I love to see you guys play together.  I know Kinsley will love having a play mate and that you guys are going to have so much fun together as you get older! Hopefully you’ll be able to keep up with your crazy big sis.

IMG_3691   IMG_4052 IMG_4079   IMG_4528



Sleep Sleep Baby:

You really are such a great sleeper.  You still take two naps a day and each nap is about 1-2 hours long.  You usually go to bed at about 7-8pm and sleep in until 7-8 the next morning.  You’re such a grumpy pants if you don’t get the sleep you need, so I usually try to make sure you get both naps when we can.   You sleep so much more than your sister ever did and for that I’m grateful!

IMG_4536       IMG_3884


Wrapping it up:

While I’m sad that your first year flew by so fast, I know that this next year will be so much fun watching your personality come alive.  We love you so much little man.  Couldn’t imagine life without you.  We feel so blessed to get to be your parents and hope and pray that we do our duty raising you to be a respectable, strong Christian man.  As a parent you make many sacrifices once you have children.  Financially, physically, mentally.  You no longer just have yourself to take care of, instead you have someone else who constantly needs you.  Your needs as a parent are shoved to the back while you meet the day to day demands of your little ones. With that said, I’m so grateful and feel so extremely blessed to have the opportunity to get to go through this stage with you two.  I’ve never done anything more rewarding or fulfilling in my life than getting to spend my days with you and your sis.  Through the rough days and the good ones, I can’t imagine being anywhere else than with you two each day.  I love and adore you!

IMG_3675 IMG_3964 IMG_4797


Some Pics From Your First Birthday Party:

IMG_4347_1 IMG_4305_1 IMG_4248


Your FIRST Hair Cut:


Before. You can’t tell in this picture, but it was starting to look like you had a mullet.


Nina did the holding.


I started…


Dada finished it off. : D