Easton- 12-15 months! Hello sweet boy!

Over the last couple months life with two kids has gotten so incredibly much easier.  You are still a little cranky pants a lot, but over all you are much happier!  Not only are you happier, but you love to run around and play with your big sister.  You guys don’t know what to do with yourselves when the other goes down for nap and isn’t around.  You guys fight a lot also, but I can tell you two are so attached to each other.  I love it.  It makes me so happy to see you guys forming a bond and knowing that you both have a play mate.  It is so fun for me to get to watch you grow and your personality and understanding explode.  I’m so thankful that I get to stay home with you little munchkins and experience these day to day changes.  I can’t imagine being anywhere else.  You and Kinsley make my heart so incredibly happy and so much fuller than I ever thought possible.  I absolutely love getting to be your mom.  It’s hands down the most rewarding and best accomplishment I have in my life yet. : )

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Your firsts:

12 1/2 months- can take 5 steps in a row

12 1/2 months- gives lots and lots of kisses

13 months- first word! “Dah!” (Dog)

13.5 months- high five!

13.5 months- will say “bye bye” and wave.

13.5 months- will say “uh uh” while shaking your head no.

14 months- says “ball”

15 months- recognizes the word head and will put your hand on your head when you hear it.


Your Personality:

14 months- you are goofy, HAPPY, INDEPENDENT, and getting to be so sweet again! I love you more and more each day. You are absolutely presh.

14 months- sometimes I leave you in your crib for a few minutes after you wake up if I’m trying to get something done. Lately you will reach down to your laundry basket and pull the lid into your crib. You will also grab anything in there that you can reach. It’s not uncommon now to find dirty clothes in your crib.

14.5 months- you are walking WELL now. You’ve been walking some on and off for quite awhile, but now you’re walking everywhere, all the time. Yay!!!!  After you started walking you became a whole different kid.  You love being able to walk and the freedom it brings.  This has been such a relief for me and a game changer in the whole being a parent to two little ones.  It makes things a lot easier.

15 months- loves to push the button on my iPhone to make it light up. Thankfully you haven’t figured out how to swipe it open yet.  You also like the app “peek a boo barn”

15 months- you have been fussy and sick the past several days. I also think that you may be starting to cut your two year molars because you’ve been chewing back there like crazy. I just hope they all come in quick!!!

15 months- you get super jealous of kinsley when I hold her. She pretty much feels the same about you too. You two like your attention.

15 months- Even though you two fight a lot, you also absolutely love playing with each other.  You guys spend a lot of time chasing each other around and running off and hiding with each other.  You guys will disappear often and I’ll find you both hiding in one of your closets together playing. It’s so precious.  You guys are definitely partners in crime.

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More about you:

*You’re such a cuddle bug.  You love to hug and give kisses.  I love that about you.

*You have a temper. Sometimes you just get so frustrated and just can’t pull it together.  You’ll start screaming and pitching a fit and get so worked up.  I’m hoping you grow out of this as you get older.  I know that your inability to communicate well feeds into it and I hope that once you start talking more and understanding more this phase gets better.

*Kinsley takes stuff from you A LOT.  It makes you so angry and you will start squealing and hollering at her.  It would frustrate me too! My goal right now is to get her to stop constantly snatching stuff from you.  Pretty soon you will be able to fight back, and I don’t think she’ll try it near as much when you’re able to.

*You can be a squealing crazy maniac, but you can also be so sweet and loving.  Hopefully the sweet and loving keeps coming out more and more. : P


All of us at one of dada’s hockey games.



Sleep sleep, baby:

For awhile there I thought you were dropping your morning nap, but you seem to be hanging onto it for now.  You need your sleep or you become such a cranky pants!  For a couple months you were sleeping in until 7:30-8:30 in the morning and it was AMAZING.  Unfortunately that didn’t last.  Your normal wake up time is between 6- 6:45am.  The usual is 6:30am.  You go down for bed between 8:30-9:30pm, or just whenever you and Kinsley get tired.  Since you wake up so early you are usually tired by 9-10am.  Then you and Kinsley take an afternoon nap at 3ish.  The days that you sleep in until 7:30 or so, you usually only take one nap and you and Kinsley don’t nap at the same time on those days.  It stinks to not get a break during the day on those days, but it’s also kind of cool to get some one on one time with each of you.  To be honest I would be perfectly fine if you dropped the morning nap if you would sleep in past 6:30!  I would rather get more time in the morning to sleep than continue your morning nap.  I’ve tried pushing only doing one nap to see if you would sleep longer at night and you didn’t.  All it did was make you super cranky during the day. (No thanks!)  From Kinsley I learned that you guys will take care of your sleep on your own.  I’ll just continue to follow your cues and when you’re ready for one nap a day, I’ll know.  No need to rush it or try to push it to be what I want.  It’s so much easier to just go with the flow than to get stressed out because you aren’t doing what I want.

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Food and Nursing:

You’re my veggie, legumes, and nuts kid.  You are not a big fruit eater.  I’ve tried every fruit too.  This is completely opposite of your sis because she would eat nothing but fruit all day if I’d let her. You on the other hand just aren’t a big fan of it.  You will eat strawberries sometimes, and you kind of like Gala apples which is what I feed you most because it’s what you’ll eat!  You would much rather be eating a tray full of black beans though. So weird, I know.  Your favorite veggies are green beans and carrots, you love black beans, and you love almost any kind of nuts.  We mostly eat cashews and pistachios.   I also make smoothies after dinner sometimes for dessert and you love those.  I just make them with fruit, yogurt, and a little bit of milk, so I guess you are getting some fruit there too.  I’m so glad you’re a good eater though.  I try to let you guys try a variety of fruits and veggies so that you can experience them all and develop your own likes and dislikes instead of just buying what I like.  Hopefully your love for veggies continues as you get older.  Thankfully you don’t seem to have my sweet tooth! : )

Nursing wise, you still nurse about 5 times a day.  I am planning to tag along with your Daddy to his principal conference in San Antonio at the end of June though, so I am gonna have to have you weaned by then.  To be completely honest, I’m not ready yet.  It is really hard for me because you’re my last little one I get to have and I’m not ready to let go of it yet.  I’m not ready to let go of you being a baby either.  I love the bond that nursing brings.  Plus, once you’re weaned, you don’t NEED me anymore.  I feel like you enter a completely different stage once that happens.  It’s going to be rough weaning you AND leaving you guys, but I know it will be fun and good for me and daddy.  I hope you know how much I love you and how much I love being your mom little man.  It’s a lot.  A crazy lot.


This is what happens when you stumble across some of big sis’s veggie straws.


Yep, you’re eating cheerios off of the floor.


Wrapping it up:

I feel like mine and your daddy’s bond has continued to get stronger and stronger with you the older you have gotten.  The more you begin to interact, the more fun it gets for us.  It is so neat to see your personality come alive and for your likes and dislikes to become more apparent.  As you’ve gotten older yours and Kinsley’s bond has grown as well.  You guys are completely attached to each other most days.  You two are constantly on the go now and both seem to be very active.  I’m glad you’re becoming an active kiddo like her so y’all can help wear each other out! Hah.  We love you so much Easton Ryan.  We’re so blessed to have you and it is so fun watching you grow and your personality explode.   I can’t imagine what life would be like without your sweet dimpled face!

Before you become a parent you just can’t imagine the type of love that you will feel as a parent.  It’s a type of love you’ve never felt before and so it is difficult to imagine.  It’s amazing loving something so instantly and so strongly.  We would do absolutely anything for you little man.  We love an adore you!

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Easton’s Dr. Seuss Cake!


I was so stumped on what to do for Easton's first birthday.  I just assumed I would follow his nursery theme like I did with Kinsley's 1st birthday, but it was really really hard to get any motivation to get things started.  Once the second one comes … [Continue reading]